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st: RE: Linux text editors

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Subject   st: RE: Linux text editors
Date   Wed, 3 Mar 2004 16:22:44 +0100


I would recommend ultraedit and it by-products.


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Subject: st: Linux text editors

I am moving (partially)  my Stata work,  from WinXP to Linux . I have been
using EditPlus as a text editor, however because of the move I would like
to have a multi-platform editor.  There was a brief Statalist thread on
this in January 04 and some interesting observations by Patrick Joly on
several editors; I am also familiar with the FAQ on text editors.  I would
be using the editor primarily and almost exclusively for editing do files
at this point.

1.	Does anyone have recommendations for a favorite for such a
multiplatform editor?

2.	Does it need to be multiplatform? i.e. if I work on my Win machine
use EditPlus, is there going to be any problem editing those do files with
a different text editor on the Linux machine?


Buzz Burhans
[email protected]

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