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st: re: Running Stat/Transfer from Stata Command ?

From   Ian Watson <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: re: Running Stat/Transfer from Stata Command ?
Date   Sun, 29 Feb 2004 08:22:17 +1100

Dear Statalist,

Ha Thai Son <> asked:

HTS> Dear Stata-listers,

HTS> I'm using Stata 8 and Stat/Stransfer 6. Any one help me to run
HTS> Stat/Stransfer from Stata Command to transfer, for exp. I want to transfer
HTS> C:\Data\data.xls to C:\Data\data.dta.

HTS> Many thanks in advance.

HTS> Ha Thai Son
HTS> NIMPE Hanoi, Vietnam

Try the following steps (under a Windows platform).

1. create a textfile called with the following lines:

copy data.xls data.dta /y /o

(Note that the /y replaces without asking, in case you need to run it
several times and the /o optimises the storage. Also leave out exit if
you want to watch to see what happens, then manually manually close
the window.)

2. from inside Stata run the following command:

winexec "c:\program files\stattransfer5\st" c:\data\

(Set your path to stat transfer as appropriate).

Kind regards,

Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

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