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Re: st: panel data

From   "Ulrich Kohler" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: panel data
Date   Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:49:26 +0100

"Nick Cox" <[email protected]> wrote
> Users' meetings
> ===============
> I imagine that all organisers of users' meetings 
> -- not just NASUG -- would be very interested in 
> offers of such talks. That certainly applies to 
> London and Boston, and presumably also to Berlin 
> (if the programme is not yet full) and Adelaide. 

... yes, it also applies to the Berlin-Meeting, and I take 
the opportunity to remember all of you that the deadline for
 proposals for the meeting is March 1st 2004. Please sent 
your abstracts to [email protected] or to 
[email protected].

many regards

Aside: I also like to mention that the exhibition of the Museum of 
Modern Art, New York is just next door to the confernece venue. 
However the exhibition is closed on Monday. If you plan to connect a 
visit of the  exhibition and the Users Group Meeting you need one 
more day -- and probably some patience while queueing up.
> > A thought for Stata Corp:
> > 
> > Judging by the frequency a similar question is asked, and 
> > having been there 
> > myself, Devendra's question is a very common one when one 
> > first begins 
> > working with panel data in Stata. It would be a useful, and 
> > probably also a 
> > worthwhile investment of resources  if the introduction 
> > section of the 
> > "Cross Sectional Time Series" volume of the Stata manual was 
> > expanded to 
> > include a discussion of management of time series data, with some 
> > examples.  In addition, some of the common questions about examining 
> > various issues related to ts data would benefit from a 
> > greater exposition 
> > there..for instance, examining panel level 
> > heteroskedasticity, or within 
> > panel autocorrelation of errors.  These are common issues, 
> > they come up 
> > frequently on the list, and I would guess that they consume a 
> > fair amount 
> > of tech support time as well.
> > 
> > Additionally, perhaps an exposition of  such points would be worth 
> > considering for a NASUG presentation, or an SJ article.
> > 
> > Just a thought about a seemingly common area of questions

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