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st: Stata, not STATA -- please

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Stata, not STATA -- please
Date   Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:20:00 -0000

Here's a plea for precision, or a piece of pedantry 
if you prefer. But then a lot of us wouldn't be here
if we didn't value the Stata commitment to getting
things exactly right. 

The software we are discussing is called Stata, 
_not_ STATA. That all-caps spelling was used briefly 
for a while in the mid-1980s, but has long since been 
abandoned. As the Statalist FAQ makes clear -- at -- 
"Stata" is the correct spelling. First, StataCorp, as they 
now are, decided that, and that's their right. Second, 
the word is not an acronym, but an invented word, so 
current linguistic conventions point the same way. 

If you don't care about getting it right, please 
consider this: 

1. You are identifying yourself as someone who hasn't 
read the Statalist FAQ, or at least not carefully. Please 
go back and read it, especially before posting. Reading
that FAQ is a tacit condition on those posting to the 

2. Some of us reading that spelling feel 
a small stab of pain every time we see it, 
or even a synaesthetic feeling that someone's SHOUTING. 

[email protected] 

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