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st: Re: test for AR in panel data

From   Christopher F Baum <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: test for AR in panel data
Date   Tue, 3 Feb 2004 07:03:21 -0500

On Feb 3, 2004, at 2:33 AM, Kalina wrote:

I am not able to use the dwstat or bgtest tests in Stata 7 with a panel
data. Is there a fix for this problem or other tests I can use instead?

Yes (sort of). 'findit panelauto' will locate a set of minor modifications to official commands that I wrote. These routines will work on ONE timeseries of a panel: that is, you may analyze the residuals of unit i alone (presumably with some sort of loop over i). This is NOT a "panel durbin watson test', if you consider such a test one that gives you a single verdict on the panel, but one that removes the annoying restriction that many of Stata's official time-series commands (including unit root tests) will not work on a panel unless you drop all but one timeseries of the panel.

Also please note that 'bgtest' and 'durbinh' (Baum and Wiggins, STB-55) are now implemented in official Stata as 'bgodfrey' and 'durbina'. The latter routines are to be preferred, since you can consult StataCorp tech support for assistance with them.


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