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RE: st: sysdir set for do-files or datasets ?

From   Buzz Burhans <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   RE: st: sysdir set for do-files or datasets ?
Date   Thu, 18 Dec 2003 09:06:17 -0500

Hi Nick,

Your point is well taken, but mind you, when the directories are not adjacent on the path, changing from:

. pwd


. c MH
C:\Documents and Settings\Buzz Burhans\My Documents\Active 6 GlycolStudyWorking9-9-02\3MH

Is a LOT of typing moving from parent to child etc.

Buzz Burhans

At 01:17 PM 12/18/2003 +0000, you (Nick Cox)wrote:

Nick Winter's program is very useful; but the
implication here that the only alternative is
using full directory names is incorrect.

I can change to a parent directory in
Stata by

. cd ..

and to a child directory by

. cd other

and to another subdirectory in the same
directory by

. cd ..\another


. cd ../another

This is a little more typing than -c-, which
is where the latter clearly scores, but it
is a lot less than typing out the fullnames
(or doing it through WIMP). The idea of
going up a level of the tree, down a
level of the tree, etc. is also a pleasant
reminder of our forebears' arboreal existence.

[email protected]
Buzz Burhans
[email protected]

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