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Re: st: RE: what is c_local?

From (William Gould, Stata)
Subject   Re: st: RE: what is c_local?
Date   Fri, 12 Dec 2003 08:54:04 -0600

Kardos László <> asked, "What is c_local?", Nick Cox
<> replied in great, descriptive detail, and Allan Reese
<> then wrote,

> As described, it looks not only dangerous but pointless [...]

The point of c_local is to be a tool for developing programming-language 
statements.  For instance, imagine I wanted to create a new command, 

       bill_gould x : ...

to be used in other programs.  The point of the new -bill_gould- command is to
assign something to the local macro x.  Inside bill_gould.ado, I would code
the line

       c_local `1' ...

Thus assigning back to the local macro in the caller's space.

-- Bill
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