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st: Help for -muxyplot-

Subject   st: Help for -muxyplot-
Date   Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:03:22 +0100 (MEZ)

Dear Statalisters,
I am quite new in using Stata graphic tool and am missing something with
Nick's command -muxyplot- to produce plots with multiple x and y variables.
-lohiyield- is the predicted value of obeserved yield -Meanrend- and I want
a connected line that shows both on a same graph. I get only one line with
the following and which of the two variables is then shown? How to get both?
muxyplot Meanrend lohiyield stbund2 stbund2 if  lohiyield>0, ylabel(50(50)
1050) c(.l.l) sy(oipi) sort  l2(Meanrend) b2(stbund2) saving
(scenario1meanobs, replace).
Then I want to -combine- several plots on the same graph but I think I need
first to save using the option name (-name(scenario1meanobsmemo, replace)-),
but that is not allowed.
I am working with a panel data -tsset id member- and -version 8.2-. stbund
is a dummy variable.
Thank you for your help.
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