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Re: Re: st: Re ICD-9 and ICD-10

Subject   Re: Re: st: Re ICD-9 and ICD-10
Date   Mon, 01 Dec 2003 09:05:13 -0600

Kaleb Michaud <> answered Don Spady with:

> I don't have it now, but a year ago they great folks who wrote icd9 at 
> Stata asked about this.  We definitely could use it, but it seemed to not 
> quite be worth their effort (which was semi-Herculean for that one program).
> I wrote a temporary program that converts ICD-10 to ICD-9 code that I'd be 
> happy to share if you'd like (email me personally if interested at 
> Kaleb...
> At 05:07 PM 11/26/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >Dear statalisters
> >   Has anyone created (or is planning to create) a function for ICD-10
> >similar to the icd9 function created by some wonderful person in years past.
> >With the increasing use of ICD-10, the usefulness of such a function would
> >increase exponentially.
> >Hoping
> >Don Spady

We would love to offer icd10 routines in Stata.  However, the
several times we have looked into it, we have run across some
difficulties.  Here is part of what Bill Gould and I wrote to
someone a few weeks ago concerning ICD-10.

Our problem is that we cannot find an official source for the
mapping of codes into short phrases and we are unsure of how to
proceed with what information we can find.

ICD-10 is produced by WHO.  At their web site, they say

     "... a CD-ROM has been in preparation for some time ... has
     suffered another technical setback with the software ...
     publication date has been indefinitely postponed. ... we do
     not have an electronic version of the ICD-10 to offer our
     customers."  --

That CD-ROM would, of course, be what would be most useful for

So we have looked around the web and have run into two

    1.  There seems to be no official source for all the codes
        other than the printed book

    2.  There is possibly enough information to be found on the
        web to assemble something, but there appear to be
        copyright issues.

For instance, CDC, in explaining why they do not have a ICD-9 to
ICD-10 conversion tables available, writes,

    "the conversion tables cannot be placed on the NCHS Home Page
    because of WHO copyright restrictions.  --
    ICD9_10Con/let2.txt (dated July 16, 1998)

The WHO descriptions of the codes is very wordy and they seem not
to want anyone to change those wordings in order (understandably)
to ensure consistency.  Unfortunately, they have not produced
short descriptions suitable for statistical analysis tables and
our reading of their copyright statements seem to prohibit us
from producing such shorter descriptions even if we were
competent to do so.

We recheck into what is available periodically and hope that the
situation will improve.

There is a file from the CDC that we have found that we think
covers 3 and 4 level codes:

We could process that file and possibly build an -icd10- command
around it, but some of the descriptions would need to be
shortened at least to introduce abbreviations.  We would be
willing to attempt to obtain permission from WHO to do that if
someone knowledgeable would be willing to assist us in rewording
the longer descriptions.

If any of you can provide guidance on these issues we would love
to hear from you.  You can email to me directly.

Ken Higbee
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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