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RE: st: Re: how to save ado files

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: how to save ado files
Date   Fri, 28 Nov 2003 16:09:19 -0000

The original problem was this:

i've just modified an ado file in notepad to suit my needs and have
tried to
save it with a different name in my c:\ado\personal. this modified ado
form one of the line in a do file that i have created. when i try to
run the
do-file however, i keep getting "unrecognized command" r(199) error.
the do
file runs fine using the original ado file though.

when i saved the file in the notepad, i save as filename.ado and file
as all file. i noticed though that it is saved as a txt file and the
appears different from the other official ado files.

can listers tell me how to save it this ado hack that i did so that i
make use of it? manual said to store it in a file ending in .ado but i
have missing something here. thanks for the help.

Now that you appear to have sorted out the operating
system problem, I suspect the answer lies in what
you did to the .ado file, which is difficult to
guess, except that you must have within, say,


a definition which is either

program define barleywater


program barleywater

so that <whatever>.ado defines program -whatever-.

If this doesn't help, do show us the .ado in question.


b. water

> However problem prove harder to overcome.
> Stata still gave
> me the unrecognised command error r(199) when it encounters
> the line of my
> do-file that excutes the hacked ado file.

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