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From   Joseph Capuno <>
Subject   st: Re: MVPROBIT
Date   Sun, 23 Nov 2003 17:07:56 -0800 (PST)

Hi to all!

I am using MVPROBIT (from ssc) to estimate a
trivariate probit regresion of the model Pr(Membership
status=1, Participation=1, Exposure to info
materials=1). After running mvprobit, I did "mfx
compute" to obtain the marginal effects, which stata
supplies after some time. I'd appreciate any help on
the following:

(1) Is it legit to use "mfx compute" after MVPROBIT?
(2) When "mfx compute" reports that certain
explanatory variables have "no effect" under the
column dy/dx, does it mean that the variables have no
statistically valid effects on the dependent variables
or that mfx cannot compute the desired estimates?
(3) Is there a way I can compute for the marginal
effects for different combinations of outcomes in the
dependent variable, say Pr(Membership status=1,
Participate=1, Exposure to info materials=0) or 
Pr(Membership status=1, Participate=1|Exposure to info
materials=1). [Am looking for a similar procedure to
Stata's probit whihc allows "mfx compute,

Thanks a lot.

Joseph J. Capuno

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