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st: RE: RE: findvar command?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: findvar command?
Date   Mon, 17 Nov 2003 11:10:39 -0000

Specifically, -lookfor2-, as Dan reports, was a small
enhancement to -lookfor-, written in September 1999.

-lookfor2- is now of no interest for users of Stata 7
and Stata 8, as the main idea was added to -lookfor-
by Stata Corp in June 2001.

-lookfor2- therefore has a relatively small, but not
zero, potential set of users, those still
on Stata 6.

Generally, the answer to Dan's question is
that the responsibility for user-written
programs remains with their authors until
passed on to new authors, or new maintainers,
just as Dan himself has just enhanced -adoedit-
and taken over responsibility for it.

In this case, as -lookfor2- is not quite
useless, the best way forward seems to be
that Dan post his -lookfort- as a separate
program. As no platform currently supported
by Stata has an 8.3 filename.ext limit,
-lookforit- is a possible alternative name.


Dan Blanchette
> I have learned that the command -lookfor- is a base Stata
> command and
> it now "leaves behind the identified variable list for use
> by other commands"
> as Nick Cox's enhanced version of -lookfor-, -lookfor2-
> (listed on the SSC site), does.
> I have decided that I'd like to add three new features to -lookfor-:
> 1) Do a case sensitive search if the user types any upper case
>    characters, otherwise, perform a case insensitive search
>    lookfor female
>    finds "Female", "FEMALE", or even "feMale" where
>    lookfor Female
>    only finds "Female"
> Thanks to the responses of David Jacobs and Nick Cox:
> 2) List variables alphabetically
> 3) Have variable names as clickable links to the data editor that
>    opens Stata's data editor to that variable.
> I've already made the modifications to the lookfor.ado file.
> Should this become the new -lookfor2-?  New name completely?
> What's the proper tack to take?
> My working name for the program is -lookfort-, as in
> "Looking for trouble".  ;-)

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