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st: Decomposition analyses

From   "Joan A. Williams" <>
Subject   st: Decomposition analyses
Date   Fri, 14 Nov 2003 14:40:33 -0600

Hello to all:

I have developed a probit model that needs to undergo decomposition. Are there any commands than can perform such an decomposition analysis on nonlinear models that use maximum likelihood estimation? More specifically, I am looking for a method that would apply decomposition within the subsets of every dummy variable of the probit model, so that instead of just estimating the effect of a difference in an education varible on the dependent variable when race==1 vs. race==0, I can estimate the effect of a difference in an education variable on the dependent variable when education==1 vs. education==2, race==1&educ.==1 vs. race==0&educ.==1, etc.

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