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st: data set reconfiguration

Subject   st: data set reconfiguration
Date   Fri, 07 Nov 2003 17:04:50 -0700

Greetings STATA-listers,
I have a dataset examining eye surgeries and I want to examine 
how responses to certain variables (e.g. q1_1, q1_2, etc.) 
between each eye vary.  The problem is, my dataset is 
structured as pasted below:

     | jmec_no   eye    iol   sex   q1_1   q1_2 |
  1. |   30332    OD   SA60     F   None   None |
  2. |   30332    OS   AR40     F   None   None |
  3. |   46199    OD   SA60     F   None   None |
  4. |   46199    OS   AR40     F   None   None |

How do I restructure the dataset so that the Wilcoxon sign rank 
test can be performed??  That is, I recognize that I need to 
reshape it or create an array or do some manipulation, but I am 
at a loss as how to proceed (even after a perusal of the 
reference manual and STATA help feature) - any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Clint Thompson  
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