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Re: st: Re: clogit or logistic for matched pairs

From   Michael Ingre <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: clogit or logistic for matched pairs
Date   Thu, 06 Nov 2003 19:40:26 +0100

"Roger Newson" <>:

> I do not know your supervisor. However, if you want a risk ratio instead of
> an odds ratio, and you want to cluster the standard errors by twin pair,
> then you should use -glm- to fit a model with log link and binomial error.

Thank you Roger for your suggestion.

However, I think that the key word here is not risk but conditional. The
criticism I received against using logistic regression is that I have
dependent (matched) case control data. This would (for reasons I'm not to
sure about) disqualify logistic regression even with the cluster option. And
I would think also your suggestion for the same reasons.

For some reason, ANOVA and t-test for dependent measures would be valid
(with continuous outcomes) but not logistic regression even with the cluster
option - only conditional regression.

Why can't I use logistic regression with the robust option in the same way I
can use ANOVA or t-test for dependent measures? I this a matter of culture
(epidemiologists vs psychologists) or is there some fundamental property
that I have missed?

Michael Ingre

Department of Psychology
Stockholm University &
National Institute for
Psychoscial Medicine

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