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Re: st: Re: Good news and pound signs

From   "Clive Nicholas" <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Good news and pound signs
Date   Wed, 5 Nov 2003 05:41:34 -0000 (GMT)

In fact, Ada, *none* of these variables are dummies: all are collected
either from electoral or census data as proportions (as might be apparent
from the varnames). It very much depends on what one believes is too much.
A small number of variables is certainly more parsimonious, but runs the
risk of being underspecified; too many will be very comprehensive, but
runs the opposite risk.


> Clive wrote:
>> -joinby name1983 name1997 conpc labpc libpc natpc othpc tuout incumb enp
>> consppc labsppc libsppc natsppc ownocc owner rentpriv hse_ass council
>> sec_home car no_ch white black ipb othernw nonwhite ecactive inactive
>> ft_work pt_work selfempl govschem dole under_16 age16_24 age25_39
>> age40_65
>> pension workage sgparent migrants illness seg_i seg_ii seg_iiin seg_iiin
>> seg_iv seg_v hp80 hp81 hp82 hp83 hp84 hp85 hp86 hp87 hp88 hp89 hp90 hp91
>> hp92 hp93 hp94 hp95 hp96 hpq197 marginal speak97 ward20 ward10 emp91
>> pens91 sick owner91 educ91 ncwp91 unem91 agri91 enwa91 manu91 fina91
>> army91 welsh91 using c:\data\c97.dta, unmatched(both)-
> My god do you really need so many variables to identify an observation in
> your sample?????  Many of the variables in your list looks like they are
> dummy variables, so I guess possibly not?
> Ada Ma
> Department of Economics
> University of Aberdeen, Scotland
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