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st: Good news and pound signs

From   "Clive Nicholas" <>
Subject   st: Good news and pound signs
Date   Mon, 3 Nov 2003 22:14:39 -0000 (GMT)


Good news! My -joinby- problem was sorted out: simply by running the
commands as I did over the weekend, they worked!! :-) Out of common
courtesy to those who responded, the -about- details and (varlist-revised)
command I was trying to run are:

Stata/SE 8.1 for Windows
Born 09 Sep 2003
Copyright (C) 1985-2003

Total physical memory:      130480 KB
Available physical memory:   27648 KB

Single-user Stata for Windows perpetual license:
       Serial number:  81980530262
         Licensed to:  Clive Nicholas
                       University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

-joinby name1983 name1997 conpc labpc libpc natpc othpc tuout incumb enp
consppc labsppc libsppc natsppc ownocc owner rentpriv hse_ass council
sec_home car no_ch white black ipb othernw nonwhite ecactive inactive
ft_work pt_work selfempl govschem dole under_16 age16_24 age25_39 age40_65
pension workage sgparent migrants illness seg_i seg_ii seg_iiin seg_iiin
seg_iv seg_v hp80 hp81 hp82 hp83 hp84 hp85 hp86 hp87 hp88 hp89 hp90 hp91
hp92 hp93 hp94 hp95 hp96 hpq197 marginal speak97 ward20 ward10 emp91
pens91 sick owner91 educ91 ncwp91 unem91 agri91 enwa91 manu91 fina91
army91 welsh91 using c:\data\c97.dta, unmatched(both)-

Please let me know of any etiquette points regarding the presentation of
this output. I've elected to omit the -desc- and -sum- details because, as
you can no doubt see, they are rather long!! *lol* Many thanks to Renzo
and Nick for their very helpful suggestions.

Nick, I take your point about the use of foreign characters in varnames,
and I'm going to remove my pound signs from my datasets lest any
program-error risks and the like occur in the future. Feel free to blow
the whistle to Stata on my discovery!!

Cheers! :-)

Politics Building,
School of Geography, Politics and Sociology,
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
NE1 7RU,
United Kingdom.
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