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RE: help [was: st: Re: saveold]

From   edoardo masset <>
Subject   RE: help [was: st: Re: saveold]
Date   Mon, 3 Nov 2003 10:01:48 -0800 (PST)

When I type help saveold, I get the options below,i.e.
the option 'intercooled' does not appear. The problem
is I dont have the manuals with me, and I thought that
displaying all options (including 'intercooled'), if
this is possible, when typing 'help saveold' could be


    nolabel omits value labels from the saved dataset.
 The associations between
        variables and value label names, however, are
saved along with the dataset
        and variable labels.  It is unlikely that you
will ever want to specify this

    replace permits save to overwrite an existing
dataset.  replace may not be

    all is for use by programmers.  If specified,
e(sample) will be saved with the

--- Nick Cox <> wrote:
> edoardo masset
> > As a short comment. A full list of all available
> > options for each command when using help, would
> > be...helpful.
> I am unclear what you mean here. 
> It's my understanding that that's exactly what the
> help 
> tries to do. What in general or in particular
> does not satisfy this criterion? 
> Nick
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