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Re: st: graph_box bug in 8.2, OS X 10.3

Subject   Re: st: graph_box bug in 8.2, OS X 10.3
Date   Mon, 03 Nov 2003 11:30:05 -0600

> All graph box y, over(group) graphs now have an extra line above the 
> first box running the the y axis. I cannot see this is a feature so 
> it's got to be a bug. It was introduced recently. Can anyone confirm 
> what is going on? Any of the graph_box commands from the help file will 
> show this bug.

This appears to be a bug in 10.3.  This does not happen to Jaguar or older
systems.  It also only happens when the Graph window is resized to a certain
size or smaller.  It does not happen with the the Quickdraw graphics engine in
10.3 or when printing.

Just to be sure it's not a bug in Stata that only manifested itself in 10.3, I
tracked every drawing call to the operating system and not one draws that
line.  I thought maybe there was something weird going on outside of our
actual graph drawing code that would mistakenly draw that line but there is
only one place in our code that can draw that kind of line (using the Quartz
drawing engine) and that's where I tracked the drawing calls.

The only suggestion I have is to resize your Graph window until the line goes
away.  I'll continue looking at our code but I'm very confident it's not
anything we're doing.

-Chinh Nguyen
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