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st: Re: saveold

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   st: Re: saveold
Date   Mon, 03 Nov 2003 17:09:00 +0000

At 08:24 03/11/03 -0800, edoardo masset wrote:
Thanks for this, I'll certainly use this program
(descsave) when trying to transfer from stata 8 to
stata 6. But I am not too happy about the suggestion
of buying Statatransfer in order to transfer data from
stata 8 to stata 7 (actually I have stattransfer, but
this is an old version too, and so only able to
transfer from 7 to 6).

At the end of the day what should I make of a command
called saveold whose description says it saves the
current data into stata 7 format? This seems not to be
working for me. I cannot believe there isnt a quick
solution to this. Either the command or something I am
doing must be wrong. Any help would be really
As I said before, the -saveold- option works on my system (which is Windows 98). You did not specify what seemed to be the problem, according to your colleague's Stata 7. However, if you and your colleague are working under Windows, then you can send me (at my email address, not to the list) a small sample Stata 7 -saveold- file created by your Stata 8, and I will see if my Stata 7 can open it. (As Philippe says, if your original data set was Stata 8 SE, then you must specify the -intercooled- option.)

Best wishes


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