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RE: st: Re: saveold

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: saveold
Date   Mon, 3 Nov 2003 16:48:09 -0000

You are correct. -saveold- should work 
as advertised. However, the information 
you gave does not permit a diagnosis
of what the precise problem is. 
More generally, questions which boil 
down to "why does not command -foobar- 
not work for me?" are often impossible
to answer. This is, of course, frustrating
for everyone. 

There are three ingredients here 
which are needed: 

1. the file produced by -saveold-

2. what Stata typed when your friend 
tried to open it. 

3. the information produced by 
-about- in your Stata and in your 

As you should not send attachments 
to Statalist, this is something
you should take further with Stata technical 
support, I suggest.  


edoardo masset
> Thanks for this, I'll certainly use this program
> (descsave) when trying to transfer from stata 8 to
> stata 6. But I am not too happy about the suggestion
> of buying Statatransfer in order to transfer data from
> stata 8 to stata 7 (actually I have stattransfer, but
> this is an old version too, and so only able to
> transfer from 7 to 6).
> At the end of the day what should I make of a command
> called saveold whose description says it saves the
> current data into stata 7 format? This seems not to be
> working for me. I cannot believe there isnt a quick
> solution to this. Either the command or something I am
> doing must be wrong. Any help would be really
> appreciated.
> > >I am using stata 8. I sent some data files to a
> > >colleague who is using stata 7. So I saved them as
> > >stata 7 using saveold, but he couldnt open it.
> > >
> > >I found in the statalist archive that the same
> > problem
> > >happened to somebody who had not updated stata 7.
> > So I
> > >told my friend to run 'update all' and then I sent
> > the
> > >files again. But nope. He still cant open it.
> > >
> > >Is there a way to open stata 8 files using stata 7?
> > >I remember using the same files in stata 6 and 7 by
> > >saving old, with no problems at all!
> > 

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