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st: RE: RE: Graph problems

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Graph problems
Date   Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:12:35 -0000

Dev Vencappa (private mail, forwarded)

Nick, I am not sure what is happening but apparently part of the
message is being truncated when I send the email. In my email box, I
have a copy of the sent item which is showing that the full message
was sent out. Many apologies for this confusion as I am myself not
sure why this is happening.


" Stata users, I don't have the graphics manual to refer to, and web
resources are a bit limited (or I don't seem to get it right) for the
question I have.
 I am putting a second y-axis on a graph in Stata, but cannot get the
scale to be different on each y axis in such a way as to make sure
that each axis starts at the minimum value and finish at the maximum
value of the label specified for each axis. That is to say, the
starting point for axis 2 should be 0.33 but I also want the starting
point of 1.6 for axis 1 to start at the same point at it starts for
axis 2.  I am trying to get the minimum values for each variable to
start at the very bottom on the x-axis  (eg axis 1 has a value of 1.6
as the starting point, and axis 2 has the value 0.33 as the starting
point. Using the command below simply gets 0.33 to start from the
x-axis, but 1.6 to start somewhere higher on the y-axis for that

I have tried this command (one single line)

line relempmanuf relwagemanuf year, yaxis(1 2) ytitle(relative wages,
axis(1)) ytitle(relative employment, axis(2)) xlabel(1984(2)1997)
ylabel(1.6(0.1)2, axis(1)) ylabel(0.33(0.01)0.39, axis(2)) sort

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