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Re: st: Programming question

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: Programming question
Date   Thu, 30 Oct 2003 11:38:04 -0000

Winston Banya wrote

I posted this question yesterday and was advised by Nick but am still
able to solve it. I need to generate a randomisation list for a small
clinical trial. The trial will be in 5 centres and I want 4 strata of
at each centre. There are 2 treatments and 2 doses. As I stated
yesterday I
used the programme before and it worked well but I am unable to
now why it is not working. I am attaching the program again and the
output I
obtained the last time I used it. What has prompted this is that the
doing the study has obtained approval to recruit more patients and we
an additional list. I will be very grateful if you can look at this
and offer any advice that can help me solve the problem as a patient
waiting to be randomised.

I inherited the program and the only change/addition I made was to the
number of patients needed.

< snip>

>>> To repeat and expand on comments already made:

1. Please do not send attachments to Statalist. This is
an explicit request in the Statalist FAQ, and justified therein.

2. Please do not use MIME encoding in sending to Statalist.
Same applies.

3. Your problem is that your .do file uses a -genlev- command
which is not part of official Stata, was not published in
the STB or the SJ, and is not available from SSC or other
prominent Stata websites. Or at least
I cannot find -genlev- using either -search- or its superset

Your options include the following:

* Perhaps -genlev- is lurking somewhere on your machine
or your system, just not visible to the Stata you are
running. Get your OS to look for it. If you find it,
copy it to somewhere along your -adopath-. You are
looking for a file called genlev.ado.

* It sounds as if -genlev- was written by some present
or past colleague. Ask the local Stata expert where it came
from. If you are the local expert, ask a bigger less local
Stata expert. Or here we are on Statalist, so does anyone
have a -genlev- on their system, i.e. does

. which genlev

find a file?

* Tell us exactly what -genlev- does, and it's probably
easy then to write a substitute. Personally I can't
reconstruct what -genlev- does from the syntax used
to call it.

[email protected]

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