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Re: st: Accounting for Survey Design in Survival Analysis

From   [email protected] (Roberto G. Gutierrez, StataCorp.)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Accounting for Survey Design in Survival Analysis
Date   Mon, 27 Oct 2003 10:14:25 -0600

Young Jun Kim <[email protected]> asks:

> I'm conducting survival analysis with stcox command using survey data where
> household is a primary sampling unit (PSU).  Several individuals
> participated the study from each household.

> In the Stata, there is no svy command for stcox such as svylogit for
> logistic regression

> Stata manual states cluster option handles clustering in the stcox command
> but it seems not right for my data becasue cluster option treats
> observations in the same cluster as multiple observations from one person.

> I'd appreciate any guidance on how to adjust the clustering effects of
> household with stcox command and also with other survival analysis commands.

-stcox-'s -cluster()- option can be used for both multiple records per subject
and multiple subjects per group, with no problem.  It is merely an issue of 
specifying a grouping variable in -cluster()- that overrides the default
grouping (subject ID from -stset-).

[email protected]
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