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st: RE: newbie question

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: newbie question
Date   Thu, 9 Oct 2003 17:46:03 +0100

George Marcus
> I am just starting with Stata (version 8). I want to use the Data 
> Describe command to list all the variables in a data set with many 
> variables (well over 100). This would enable me to generate a nice 
> codebook (variable names, value labels, and frequency 
> distributions). I 
> get the results in the Viewer. But, I want to save the 
> results into a 
> text file and the viewer only holds a portion of the 
> resulting command 
> (if I click on more it scrolls down but then looses the earliest 
> variables). How do I can a listing of all the variables 
> generated by 
> the command into a single comprehensive file?

Just a pointer for any future questions: it's best to phrase 
questions in terms of the command language rather
than the menu headings. For example going Data > 
Describe data leads to several commands. Which 
command a dialog invokes is echoed in your Results 
and Review windows. 

[email protected] 

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