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Re: st: GLM and ANOVA complaints

From   Richard Goldstein <>
Subject   Re: st: GLM and ANOVA complaints
Date   Sat, 27 Sep 2003 15:14:01 -0400

you are confusing two different meanings of GLM;
for Darlington, this meant "general linear model"
which is essentially anova/linear regression.

for Stata, this means Generalized Linear Model
which encompasses logistic regression, poisson
regression and many other regressions.

While I agree it would be desirable for Stata
to improve xi, this is not that high on my
list of changes/additions to Stata (and
apparently not that high on the list at
Stata either).

Rich Goldstein

David Airey wrote:
> > David Airey referred to a book by R. B. Darlington in which SAS's PROC
> > GLM was
> > described as being able to provide different specifications of
> > indicator
> > variables.  I am not familiar with R. B. Darlington's reference or
> > with the
> > phrase "ANOVA effect parameters," but after posting a response
> > earlier, it
> > dawned on me that David might be referring to specifying the contrasts
> > in terms
> > of sum-to-zero dummy variables in lieu of 0/1 dummy variables.  If so,
> > then
> > this is what -desmat- and other sources refer to as deviance contrasts.
> > There's a description of this in S. Rabe-Hesketh & B. Everitt, _A
> > Handbook of
> > Statistical Analyses Using Stata, 2nd. Edition. (Boca Raton: Chapman &
> > Hall/CRC, 2000), pp. 72-75, among other places.
> Joseph kindly suggested a user created program _desmat_ as a solution
> to my first complaint, which was that glm seems to require the user to
> specify the underlying indicator variables in multicategorical
> variables. No, it's not that hard to do this on one's own, but that is
> tedious and prone to error. ANOVA/MANOVA in Stata creates the
> underlying variables as needed. Why does GLM not in Stata? It should.
> What Darlington said (p. 225, Regression and Linear Models, 1990) was,
> "The ability to create a whole set of coded variables with a single
> command is the fundamental distinction between an ordinary regression
> program and a general linear model program. We will use the term GLM to
> refer to these programs as a class. Although we think of a
> multicategorical variable as a single variable, the GLM program treats
> it as a set of variables."
> My complaint was that glm in Stata (it seems to me) is not smart enough
> on it's own to generate the needed underlying indicator variables to
> represent multicategorical variables. It is too much like regression in
> it's syntax requirements for variables. And xi just handles up to two
> way interactions, though xi can be used with other commands.
> Regarding the other complaint, my work computer has spent 8 hours so
> far on an ANOVA (384 observations, 2 between subject factors, 4 within
> subject factors, matsize 6000). A statistician at work ran an
> equivalent data set (so he said) in 30 seconds using SAS Proc Mixed.
> Once my machine finishes, I'm handing him the same data set and asking
> he run it with an equivalent model in SAS GLM and SAS Mixed. Should be
> interesting to compare. I just cannot imagine the approaches were the
> same with such different timings.
> -Dave
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