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st: Clustered dataset question

From   "Dale Steele" <>
Subject   st: Clustered dataset question
Date   Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:59:56 -0400

I have a dataset containing information on 66 different subjects.  Each
subject is presented with a series of 36 stimuli  (including zero
magnitude) in random order.  Their response to each stimulus is coded as
0 - not detected, 1-detected.  Each subject is presumed to have a
"threshold" magnitude at which the stimulus can be detected.  My goal is
to estimate that threshold (and its variance) for each subject.  

I have been thinking of the threshold as the predicted stimulus magnitude
for which the probability of detection is 50%.  My naive initial approach
was to run 66 separate logistic regression models.  Is there a better
way?  Thanks!

Dale Steele 
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