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st: ssc whatsnew

From   Christopher F Baum <>
Subject   st: ssc whatsnew
Date   Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:33:38 -0400

Glenn said

Thanks, Nick. That worked, so I've just written a tiny ado file
"mysscwhatsnew" that merely runs

view, smcl

I'm curious what the problem actually is, but am happy to move on now
that I have a solution.

I cannot reproduce any problem with 'ssc whatsnew' using Stata 8.1 born 1 Jul 2003 (I have not downloaded the 9 Sep update yet). This must be some sort of caching problem. The official ssc whatsnew command, which you can view in your copy of Stata 7 or Stata 8 (as part of ssc.ado) indeed does something similar to the line above: actually, it copies that file rather than viewing it directly (viewing it, by the way, will not work in a console version of Stata; you will have to use type rather than view). But if you're getting stale output, there must be some issue with the refresh failing and the old version displaying instead.


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