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Re: st: Repeated Measures GEE Model with Ordinal DependentVariable

From   "Laura Damschroder" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Repeated Measures GEE Model with Ordinal DependentVariable
Date   Mon, 08 Sep 2003 08:55:32 -0400

I wanted to follow up on this request:  it appears that -gllamm- is a
random effects model, not a generalized estimating equation model.  If
xtgee supported a -cumlogit- or -ologit- link function, I'd be home
free.  Is there an extension available for xtgee or something similar?

Thank you!

>>> 09/03/03 02:08PM >>>
On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Laura Damschroder wrote:

> Hello -
> I am finally happily migrating to Stata from using a combination of
> and SPSS and have succeeded in replicating most of the models and
> analyses I have done in the past in Stata.  However, there is one
> I cannot find any documentation for in Stata: what if I have an
> dependent variable with repeated measures (a within-subject measure)
> a categorical independent variable along with the variable
> the "panel" (scenario in this case).  In SAS, I coded this using:
> proc genmod data=geeanal.age DESC;
>   class id educat scenario;
>   model preference = educat scenario/
>                  dist=mult link=cumlogit type3;
>   repeated subject=id / corrw type=indep;
> Does anyone know how to replicate this model in Stata?

Try -findit gllamm- and -findit reoprob-

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