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RE: st: RE: Stata Journal 3:2/simultaneous equatons

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Stata Journal 3:2/simultaneous equatons
Date   Mon, 1 Sep 2003 09:38:44 +0100

Mark Schaffer

> > Let me emphasise again that the only thing you are missing
> > out on, as a continuing user of Stata 7, is the ability to find
> > SJ material published from 2003 via -findit-, but
> > you can find it directly via -net search-.
> I am still unhappy with the idea that one command to search the net
> will yield different results from another command.  I can't see any
> good reason for this to be the case, and the reasons against are
> pretty clear.

Stated with that degree of abstraction, I guess everyone would
agree with the general principle. I would. As explained, the behaviour
you got is a side-effect of the fact, that Stata 7 now being part of
history, you cannot -update- your *.key files indefinitely. Moreover,
the anomaly is not perpetuated in Stata 8, so -- implicitly or
explicitly -- Stata Corp have changed the software so that it
does now follow this principle.

> > Now, once you have identified any material, you can find out
> > very quickly whether it requires Stata 8 or not. You install
> > it, and you look at it and see whether it requires Stata 7.
> > Or you try it out. The second is the definitive test, as it
> > is possible that a programmer started with a -version 7-
> > statement but in fact made use of version 8 features in
> > their program, so that the program really does require version
> > 8.
> >
> > Now what you are asking for? Some option on -net search-
> > that says, in effect, ignore stuff that requires
> > a version higher than mine?
> That would be very nice.  And, of course, for -findit- too.
> Alternatively, the Stata version required to run each package could
> be displayed.
> > In programming terms, I guess that this would require
> > -net search- to look inside each .ado file and check.
> > I imagine that's feasible.
> >
> > In marketing terms, this would be adding a feature
> > of real benefit _only_ to those who have yet not upgraded.
> > (If you have the current version, not being able to run an
> > add-on is not an issue.) Now, as an economist, Mark, what
> > is the marketing logic to that, providing a feature only for
> > users who haven't upgraded?
> Economists don't know much about marketing, but I've picked up a bit
> from my colleagues who are marketing specialists.  I think a good
> case can be made for not freezing out those customers who haven't
> (yet) upgraded.  Maintains customer loyalty and keeps them part of
> the Stata community.  For many of us who are still using Stata 7
> (only 6 months after the release of Sata 8), the question is not
> whether to upgrade, but when.
> BTW, if -findit- and -net search- were to display
> everything relevant
> and include which version of Stata is required to run each program,
> it could work as a good marketing tool.  "See what you're missing
> because you haven't upgraded yet?"
> Just my .02.

That's a decision for Stata Corp. It seems to me, however, that
they have lots of effective and direct ways of saying this already.


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