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st: bootstrap and conformability error

From   "sandrine rospabe" <>
Subject   st: bootstrap and conformability error
Date   Mon, 28 Jul 2003 00:27:44 +0000

Dear statalist,

I am trying to estimate the significance of a few statistics using a bootstrap analysis.

I have created a program in which I estimate for 2 different sub-samples (respectively 6610 and 1114 observations) a regression with a treatment effect (treatreg command) using the MLE and then compute the difference in expected earnings between those who receive the treatement and those who don't. Having done this for the 2 sub-samples I compute the difference between the treatment earnings effect for subsample1 minus the treatment earnings effect for subsample2.
Then I use the command bstrap to test for the significance of these 3 differentials.

My problem is the following: When I set 50 iterations (reps50), the program is working. But when I set 200 iterations (which is the number of iterations I need), an error message says "conformability error".

I guess the problem comes from the drawing of a particular sample which prevents a certain matrix computation. But I just don't know how to solve the problem.

Would someone have an idea of a solution?

Many thanks

Sandrine Rospabe

Dr. Sandrine Rospabé
Université de Rennes I - Faculté des Sciences Economiques
7 Place Hoche
35065 Rennes cédex

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