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Re: st: question about tables

From   Philip Ryan <>
Subject   Re: st: question about tables
Date   Thu, 24 Jul 2003 14:50:39 +0930

gen int id =_n /* see help datatypes for your best choice of storage type */
reshape long Age, i(id) j(age_group, string) /* string option needed since age groups are "01" not "1" etc */
table Distr age_group, c(sum Age)

Footnote (or, since it is longer than the solution above, perhaps the solution is more of a Headnote):

Age is perhaps a poor choice of name for the stub of the variables, especially after the -reshape- to long form when only a single "Age" variable remains. The observations on this variable are frequencies, not ages. This is all just cosmetic - Stata doesn't care - but a human might. A good variable label for Age would help explain its meaning, but that's still a patch-over job. You could change the stub on all the AgeXX variables *before* reshaping (using, say, -renpfix- (see -help rename-)) or you could -rename- the single variable Age *after* reshaping and before the -table- command. Note that the renaming *after* the -reshape- will prevent an easy reversal to wide form, should you wish to do this. Anyway, ignoring that wrinkle, you might:

rename Age count
table Distr agegroup, c(sum count)

where, to my mind, "count" is closer to what the variable is about.


At 04:31 PM 23/07/2003 -0600, you wrote:

Dear stata users:

I have a dataset that has the following structure (variables are region,
district and persons of corresponding age in each district and region):

Region Distr  Age01  02  03.....35
  1     D01    23    35  45
  1     D02    32    30  15
  2     D01    28    30  15
  2     D02    27    30  15
  3     D01    21    30  15
  3     D02    24    30  15....

Why kind of command can I use to tell Stata that I want a table like this:

Distr  Age01 02  03....35
D01    72    95  75
D02    73    90  45....

Where the data are summarized according to the number assigned to the
district and totalizing persons for each age.



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