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st: offsets

Subject   st: offsets
Date   Tue, 22 Jul 2003 12:38:18 +0100

Is it possible to have more than one offset in a logistic (or other)
regression model?

Specifically I have an ordered categorical variable representing levels of a
clinical scoring system.  I want to see what the added value of a new
variable is, but I want to constrain the regression coefficients for the
levels of the categorical variable to be unity.

these are approaches I tried (dep is the ordered categorical variable) -
none of which work:

xi: logistic outcome1 i.dep ageatmi, offset(i.dep)

logistic outcome1  _Idep_1 _Idep_2 _Idep_3 _Idep_4 ageatmi, offset( _Idep_1
_Idep_2 _Idep_3 _Idep_4)

logistic outcome1  _Idep_1 _Idep_2 _Idep_3 _Idep_4 ageatmi, offset( _Idep_1)
offset( _Idep_2) offset( _Idep_3) offset( _Idep_4)

Any thoughts?

Paul Silcocks MSc, BM BCh, FRCPath, MFPHM, CStat
Assistant Director (Research & Intelligence)
Trent Cancer Registry

Tel: 0114 226 3416
Fax: 0114 226 3436

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