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Re: st: Maximum matrix size for ereturn post?

From (Jeff Pitblado, Stata Corp.)
Subject   Re: st: Maximum matrix size for ereturn post?
Date   Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:27:33 -0500

Rob Williams <>

> I'm trying to bootstrap an estimation program that generates a very large
> number of coefficients (roughly 1000).  I've assembled them into a
> coefficient vector and created a fake variance-covariance matrix (following
> the instructions in Jeff Pitblado's very helpful e-mail to this list on Jan
> 30, 2003).  But when I use ereturn post at the end of the estimation
> routine, I get the following error message:
> an error occured when preparing postfile
> If I only post some of the coefficients, the error goes away.  I'm guessing
> that the problem is the size of the coefficient vector and
> variance-covariance matrix.  Is there a maximum size (other than the maximum
> matrix size defined using set matsize) for coefficient vectors returned
> using ereturn post?  If so, what is that maximum?  And is there any way to
> increase it?

I was unable to reproduce the problem, so I sent a private email to Rob to get
more information.

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