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st: RE: How to drop the entire case from the panel?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: How to drop the entire case from the panel?
Date   Sun, 13 Jul 2003 17:59:22 +0100

Olena Stavrunova 

> > I have a panel data (id and quarters). Could you, please, 
> let me know how to
> > delete the entire case, that is all observations for the 
> individual if, for
> > example, in at least one quarter variable v1 takes a 
> negative value for this
> > individual.
> >

John Hennen 

> Try-
> tempvar x y
> gen `x' = v1<0
> egen `y' = max(`x'),by(id)
> drop id if `y' ==1

There is a typo here. John meant 

. drop if `y' == 1 

You can use expressions as arguments 
to many -egen- functions. 

So another way to do it might be 

. egen nneg = sum(v1 < 0), by(id) 
. drop if nneg 

Within using any new variables, 
you could also

. bysort id (v1) : drop if v1[1] < 0 

This is very Stataish. You 
sort on -id- 

. sort id 

and within that you sort on -v1-, 
so it is as if you said 

. sort id v1 

except that you want to do things 

. by id: 

You can combine the syntaxes: 

. bysort id (v1): 

After this -sort- if any value 
for each -id- is negative, then 
the minimum will also be negative, 
and that will be first within each 
-id-. Hence we can -drop- each -id- if the 
first value is negative. 

. bysort id (v1) : drop if v1[1] < 0 

If the condition was that _all_ values 
were negative that would be 

. bysort id (v1) : drop if v1[_N] < 0 

except that missing values complicate
this. You are better off using some -max()- 


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