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st: programs with options

From   Jean-Benoit Hardouin <>
Subject   st: programs with options
Date   Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:11:23 +0200

When I write a program with options, I must put a space between the last variable and the comma, else Stata don't understand that the last variable is "varK" and not "varK,". How resolve this problem.

I have try to write my syntax line as :
syntax varlist[,option1 option2] instead of
syntax varlist [,option1 option2] but I obtain the same result.

Example with an xxx program :
xxx var1 var2 var3, option1 option2
=>, invalid name

xxx var1 var2 var3 , option1 option2

Thank you for your help

Jean-Benoit Hardouin
Regional Health Observatory
Hospital of Orléans
BP 2439 - 1, rue Porte Madeleine
F-45032 Orléans Cedex 1 - France
email :
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