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st: Output tables from -table- command to Excel

Subject   st: Output tables from -table- command to Excel
Date   Wed, 09 Jul 2003 11:32:17 -0600

Greetings Statalisters-
I am working with a dataset containing approx. 5400 
observations and I was able to extract the information I needed 
via the -table- command, in specifically,
-table countyname admt_mnth admt_yr, contents(freq) concise- 
and for the second (and more cumbersome extraction)
-table countyname admt_wk admt_mnth if admt_mnth==9 & 
admt_yr==1991, contents(freq) concise-
where the -if- statement was changed repeatedly until I reached 
month 12 and year 2001 (otherwise, the output was too difficult 
to read since admt_wk allows for 52 possible values).  I 
printed the output via creation of a log file and saving it 
with a .smcl extension (which prints nicely, btw), however, I 
need to create rates using a different population and thus 
would like to output the tables to an Excel file (because 
manual input wants to be avoided) where the counties would be 
listed down the rows and the weeks (all 52) listed across the 
top with the corresponding number of cases in each cell.  I 
read the Statalist email from 20 June regarding 'exporting 
tables' but I am unable to follow what they suggest or my 
objective differs from theirs.  Can anyone provide insight or 
another method more amenable to my objective (e.g. creation of 
new variables altogether)?
Much obliged,
Clint Thompson
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