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st: RE: Can -outreg- show the coefficient in (eform-1)*100

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Can -outreg- show the coefficient in (eform-1)*100
Date   Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:25:25 +0100

Renzo Comolli
> I am using -outreg- version 3.0.6  27nov00 
> Intercooled Stata 8.0 for Windows
> I need to show the regression coefficients (which Stata 
> stores in e(b)) in
> the following format 
> (exp(e(b))-1)*100 
> is it possible to do so with -outreg-? Maybe writing a line 
> before -outreg-?
> I tried to write the following lines, but the execution 
> breaks at the second
> line:
> regress ln_wage women other_regressors
> replace e(b)=(exp(e(b)-1)*100)
> outreg using myregression.txt, replace se
> I imagine that this problem has been tackled many times 
> before, in fact, in
> the example here, the transformation (exp(b)-1)*100 has the 
> interpretation
> "women's wages are % lower than men's".
> I know -outreg, eform- shows the regression coeffcients b 
> in the form exp(b)
> and adjusts the standard errors correspondently, but that's 
> one step short
> of what I need.
> I looked also at -reformat- but it does not do it either. I 
> can't use
> -mktab- for unrelated reasons.
> I haven't understood how to use -parmby-, so I would avoid 
> if possible.
Renzo's -replace- statement is illegal, 
as e(b) is not a variable name. 

-outreg- was written by John Gallup. 
The last version I can see is 3.1.7 
13 May 2002. John appears to have 
dropped off Statalist. 

Possibly you could modify a copy of -outreg- 
so that it does what you wish. 

	tempname b 
	mat `b' = e(b) 
	forval j = 1/`= colsof(`b')' { 
		mat `b'[1,`j'] = exp(`b'[1,`j'] - 1) * 100 

	<work with `b' rather than e(b) thereafter 
	when appropriate> 

It is probably more practical, however, to get 
to grips with what -parmby- can do! (I see that Roger 
has explained how to do it.)  


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