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RE: st: List of Stata commands

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: List of Stata commands
Date   Thu, 19 Jun 2003 21:26:21 +0100

Roger Newson replied to Friedrich Huebler

> >I use a text editor with syntax highlighting. The syntax file lists
> >only commands for Stata 7 and I would like to add all Stata 8
> >commands. Is it possible to obtain a list of all elements
> of Stata 8
> >syntax, including their abbreviated forms?
> Probably not, because official Stata is only the tip of the
> iceberg, and
> there are so many unofficial Stata commands.
> Friedrich doesn't say what text editor he is using, but,
> for what it's
> worth, I seem to remember that, in the case of TextPad,
> there was once a
> Stata syntax add-on which attempted to include all commands
> in official
> Stata or the STBs up to a certain date. However, I can find
> nothing about
> it on the TextPad website at

On TextPad:

Scott Long's syntax file for TextPad has evidently moved to

I'll update

Incidentally, I just got from Steve McKay a section
on ConTEXT, yet another editor to support some kind
of Stata syntax highlighting, which I've added to that FAQ.

A more general point rather glossed over in the FAQ
just mentioned is the variety of what is understood by
syntax highlighting. Echoing Roger to some extent, I'd
underline the elusiveness of a complete list of Stata
command words, especially given not only user-written
commands, but possibilities for abbreviation, the
syntax of command and subcommand which is increasingly
common, etc.

In my own experience, chiefly with the syntax highlighting
provided by Jeff Pitblado for Vim, highlighting command
words is the least interesting and least useful
part of syntax highlighting, far behind error flags,
representing delimited strings distinctively, ditto
with local macros, etc.


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