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st: RE: tsgraph

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: tsgraph
Date   Thu, 19 Jun 2003 20:41:05 +0100

Rita Luk

> I am a frequent user of the command TSGRAPH provided by
> professor Cox.
> However, I have problem implementing it even after type
> version 7 (I am
> using version 8).
> I tsset my data, type tsgraph X if tsmth>m(1999m12), Stata returns
> 'm(2000.0m1) invalid'. What is the problem ?
> If there any chance that Professor Cox will update the
> command to Stata 8.

-tsgraph- was written by Kit Baum (he's a Professor) and
myself (I'm not).

The version of -tsgraph- on SSC is 1.3.2 for Stata 7.

With this version, I can't reproduce Rita's problem. I
did this:

set obs 120
gen time = 440 + _n
format time %tm
tsset t, monthly
gen y = uniform()
tsgraph y
tsgraph y if t > m(1999m12)

and it all worked OK for me.

Looking in my files I find a -tsgraph- for 8.0 dated 27 Feb 2003.
I seem to have stopped there. I was under the impression
that -tsgraph-
was not at all a big deal in Stata 8. The main thing it retains
is some logic to get more sensible time labels with Stata dates.

Kit may have some thoughts on whether it is worth polishing up the
port to Stata 8.


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