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Re: st: Using Stata 8 data files in Stata 6

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: Using Stata 8 data files in Stata 6
Date   Tue, 10 Jun 2003 09:53:36 +0200

Adam Chapman asked:
> I've been trying to use a Stata 8 data file in Stata 6, but keep getting
> the error message "file not Stata format".  Is there a (relatively easy)
> way of transforming Stata 8 files so that they are able to be used in Stata
> 6 ?
> The command 'saveold' saves Stata 8 data in Stata 7 format, and doesn't
> help in using Stata 6, or so it appears.

and Scott Meryman answered
> How about -outsheet- in Stata 8 followed by -insheet- in Stata 6.

which was good enough for Adam. However another way to do this is -outdat-. 
-outdat- is used to transfer data from Stata to some other statistical 
packages, but can also be used to transfer data from "Stata to Stata".  The 
advantage of outdat is that it also stores the variable labels and value 

-outdat- is available via 

. ssc install outdat


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