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st: Metaanalysis- Forest plot with subgroups

From   Srabani Banerjee <>
Subject   st: Metaanalysis- Forest plot with subgroups
Date   Thu, 5 Jun 2003 12:13:01 -0400


I would like to know how different subgroups (e.g. Drug A1 vs placebo, Drub A2 vs placebo and Drug A3 vs placebo) could be represented on the same Forest plot and also how to have the overall odds ratios (or) for each group separately and for all groups taken together represented on the same Forest plot. An example of the data:

trial                  Drug                 deadt   alivet   deadc  alivec

Trail1                A1                    34         149       51         131

Trial2                A1                    53         524       58         512

Trial3                A2                    140       1052     163       1030

Trial4                A3                    100       1000     102       1020

Trial5                A2                    30         130       33         132

Trial6                A3                    50         500       47         500


I used the following to generate a Forest plot for all 6 trials taken together:


metan deadt alivet deadc alivec, or xlab(0.001,0.01,0.1,1.0,10.0,100) label(namevar=trial) boxsha(0) boxsca(0.4)


What do I need to add to the above command to have the 3 subgroups represented on the same Forest plot?

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.



Srabani Banerjee, PhD

Canadian Coordinating Office of Health Technology Assessment



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