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st: FPC & 2-stage cluster sampling

From   "Ali Karim" <>
Subject   st: FPC & 2-stage cluster sampling
Date   Tue, 03 Jun 2003 14:35:49 +0000

Dear Statalist readers,

I have a dataset with two-stage cluster sampling. In first stage 30 PSU’s were selected randomly (without replacement) from a universe of 60 clusters (i.e. fpc = .5). On the second stage 30 households were selected randomly from each PSU. I planned to analyze household attributes using Stata’s ‘svy’ commands. I did the following:-

.svyset psu cluster
.svyset fpc frac

And then run my survey commands. The output gave me the following comment:- “Finite population correction (FPC) assumes simple random sampling without replacement of PSUs within each stratum with no sub-sampling within PSUs”. However, the assumption does not seem to hold for my sampling design. Therefore, I am not sure how the assumption affects my analysis. Am I using the survey command correctly for my given situation?

Thanks in advance.

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