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From   "Willard van Ooij" <>
To   <>
Date   Tue, 3 Jun 2003 15:21:27 +0200

Just another comment to this thread: in Word for Windows XP, a .eps
graph can be seen in normal view. This has changed since Word for
Windows 2000, where a .eps graph also isn't shown in normal or print


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Verzonden: dinsdag 3 juni 2003 14:04
Onderwerp: st: RE: SAVE GRAPHICS PNG

Deng Pan,
Here are snippets I have saved from other people. Might want to repost
with a subject (like the one above) to get better responses. Some people
set their e-mail to filter on subject. Laurel Copeland

Save graphs to a file (but not your log file, it seems).
findit save graphs
then choose the link to -grother-

I thought the following email would be useful to all.

Last night yet, I saved a graph as an .eps file using the pull-down
menus. I then inserted it into Word (OS X, Service Release 1 version).
I had actually tried this before, but could never see the graph in Word
(it's clearly there but I can't see it in normal view or in print
preview).  This time, however, I went ahead & printed it anyway.  What a
gorgeous graph I got!  Even when I print from Stata directly, the
background shading doesn't show up as well.  Clearly, I can be very
happy with this .eps format but do you have any idea why I can't see the
inserted file in Word?  I realize that this is in all likelihood a Word

Quite simply it's because Stata does not save file previews with its EPS
files.  Most applications that accept EPS files do not try to render the
EPS file to the screen but simply show a bounding box in its place if no
file preview exists.  It's up to the application that saved it to create
the file preview and embed it in the EPS file.  Regardless of whether a
preview exists or not, EPS files are simply passed through to the
PostScript printer so they'll always print fine.

We'll add creating previews to our to-do list but it basically involves
writing a Windows/Macintosh/Unix bitmap to TIFF converter and saving a
TIFF preview in the EPS file... no easy task.  Fortunately for Macintosh
users, TIFF/GIF/JPEG/PNG exporting capabilities are built into QuickTime
and every Mac with OS X has QuickTime so I'll take a quick look into it
and see how much work is involved.

-Chinh Nguyen

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Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 9:22 PM


I am trying to save graphics in png format using the "saving()" option.
I'm using stata 8. I checked the help and couldn't find anything

i would appreciate any help,


deng pan
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