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st: RE: metareg in small Stata?

From   "Steichen, Thomas" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: metareg in small Stata?
Date   Wed, 16 Apr 2003 16:38:19 -0400

[email protected] writes:

> I am a fairly new (student) Stata user and I use small Stata.
> I am trying to run metareg on a small dataset (3 variables, 
> 11 observations), and I am getting the response: no room to 
> add more variables due to width It then advises deleting some 
> variables or abservations, or reallocating memory. However, 
> small Stata does not permit reallocation of memory, and I 
> have trimmed the dataset down to what is necessary for this 
> regression.
> As I am also unable to access the Stata website today, I'm 
> turning to the list. Does anyone have advice on how I can 
> convince this regression to run?


-metareg- adds only 7 variables to the dataset. This should not
challenge the 99-variable limit of Small Stata. 

-metareg- also adds up to 13 matrices (13 for the moment 
estimator option, 3 for other methods), some of which are NxN 
matrices where N is the number of observations.  Small Stata 
allows 40x40 matrices, so this should not be an issue either. 

Small Stata also allows about 1000 observations, so your 11 
observations again should not challenge the limitations.

The only reasonable explanation for your error exit is that
the total amount of memory being used is too great. I would
suggest you keep only those variables needed in the regression
and use a method other than the moment estimator, i.e., other
than option bs(mm). If this configuration fails then there
is no work-a-round.  You may wish to consult with StataCorp
tech support as to why the program fails with so little data.


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