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Re: st: predict or adjust after logistic?

From   [email protected]
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Subject   Re: st: predict or adjust after logistic?
Date   Thu, 3 Apr 2003 07:57:34 +0200

Greg wrote:

To predict  probabilities and 95% CIs of the predicted probabilities after
a multivariate  logistic model, I have previously used the following
predict  command:

logistic y x1 x2  x3
predict lr_index,  index
predict se_index,  stdp

gen p_hat =  exp(lr_index)/(1 +exp(lr_index))
gen lb = lr_index -  invnorm(0.975)*se_index
gen ub = lr_index +  invnorm(0.975)*se_index
gen plb =  exp(lb)/(1+exp(lb))
gen pub =  exp(ub)/(1+exp(ub))

bysort x1: tabstat  p_hat plb pub

Check out:

Predxcon or predxcat


logpred , regpred


The commands at Scott Long's Homepage (


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Dear  Statalist,

However, this code  does not allow me to predict probabilities,
by(x1),�while keeping the other  covariates held constant, as the adjust
command does.� It seems that  keeping the other covariates held constant
while examining the predicted  probabilities�individual covariates is
useful.� Is it possible for me  to do that?

Thanks in  advance.

Greg  Daniel

Gregory  Daniel
Manager, Health Outcomes  Research
Health Core, Inc.

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