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st: RE: one last question [Re: list in Stata 8]

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: one last question [Re: list in Stata 8]
Date   Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:10:57 -0000

> Phil, Buzz, Nick and others:
> OK - OK - I respectfully admit I am in a small minority (of 
> one?).  I just
> have one last question, then I'll be quiet about this topic:
> What percent of Stata Corp.'s resources were spent on the 
> development of
> GUI, graphics, windowing, etc. for STata 8, as compared 
> with the develpment
> of improved statistical modelling, estimation, etc.  
> routines? Same question
> regarding  SMCL in Stata 7.

One short answer is that only Stata Corp can answer 

But clearly the answer is "a lot". (We're precise 
people on this list.) 

I've heard the graphics project described as 
Stata's biggest ever project. 

And rightly so. Not that much work went into 
graphics between Stata 2 (say) and Stata 8, 
modulo the making public of -gph- in Stata 5. 
The graphics push was long overdue. (And like 
e.g. the Windows port about which many users 
said the same thing, part of the reason was 
that earlier projects were thrown out as just 
not good enough to ship.) 

In the long history of Stata between 1 (1985) 
and 8 (2003) and (who knows) Stata 15 in 
2021, which I may live to see, with its 
100,000 page manual, I suspect that 8 
will prove quite unusual in the long haul. 


P.S. SMCL Makes Cooler Logs. 

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