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re: st: Lost menu access to menu options version 8

From   Bob Fitzgerald <>
Subject   re: st: Lost menu access to menu options version 8
Date   Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:27:40 -0800

Thanks to Alan Riley who posted directly to me I have found the answer to my disappearing menu options. There is some non-zero probability (ok, a really small probability) that someone/s else may discover the same problem so here's the answer. At some point in using version 8 and its new windowing features, I must have moved my Viewer window around, and then perhaps resized the main Stata window or otherwise lost view of the viewer window. This loss persisted from that session forward.

The solution was distressingly simple and one I should have tried before posting to the list: Choose the default windowing preference under the "Prefs" menu. Now everything works and I will be especially careful navigating the new floating windows.



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