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st: Lost menu access to menu options version 8

From   Bob Fitzgerald <>
Subject   st: Lost menu access to menu options version 8
Date   Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:39:29 -0800

This is no doubt a simple problem (I being a simple guy!):

Using Intercooled v.8 for Windows, I can no longer click on the following menu options under Help:

What's New
Official Updates
SJ and User Written Programs

Clicking results in no action as far as I can determine. The other menu options work just fine (Search, Stata Command, Stata Website, and About Stata). Other menu options all appear to work (e.g., graphics, statistics, file, etc.). I can, in place of Official Updates, use qu update from the command line, and I can type "help" whatever I need help on, to access the help file. But this is less than completely satisfying. If anyone can suggest what might be wrong and a fix, short of reinstalling from the CD (a task that is admittedly not too onerous) I would be most appreciative.

Running on 2.8Ghz P4, 512k ram, and Nvidia GeForce TI video card though I can't see why the configuration would suddenly go blotto.




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