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st: False negatives in clinical work

Subject   st: False negatives in clinical work
Date   Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:48:21 EST

My apologies for lack of clarity and thanks to Chris for clarifying.  These 
cases are all known to be positive because they were taken from patients that 
were shown to have the disease via surgery and/ or autopsy.
  One of the open questions that the study would like to address is how best 
to dichotomize the results--this is the issue of lumping high and medium or 
not.  So one in a sense has two diagnostics tests and two ways of aggregating 
the high, medium and low results into a positive or negative.
  I'm a sociologist/ environmental scientist so forgive my not providing a 
description clear to those of you in the clinical and biomedical sciences.
Tom Dietz

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